Recent Regulation Changes

With the regulation changes starting January 1, 2018, now is as good as time as ever to get a mortgage, as once they come into effect it may reduce your borrowing power up to 25% for refinances and conventional mortgages.

CENTUM Mortgage Choice - Steinbach, MB

At CENTUM Mortgage Choice, Manitoba's Premier Mortgage Brokerage, we value customer service above all else and we have been serving the Steinbach, MB community since 2004. This means we work for YOU, not the bank. Whether it's in your home, over the phone, in office or online, we are here to make the process stress free, save you a trip to the bank and above all else, save you money! We work with local lenders in Steinbach, Brandon, Winnipeg and all of Manitoba, as well as over 30 lenders Canada wide. This allows us to make sure we get you the right mortgage product to fit your unique needs at the lowest rate available. Contact any one of us directly through phone, email or text to find out how much you should be saving. At Centum Mortgage Choice, we're looking out for your best interest.
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Buying a house can often be the single biggest investment you’ll ever make. A investment regularly made possible by a mortgage. But the real question is: What is a mortgage? Our quick tutorial here should answer that for you.